Rachael Ray started with food ... but one world wasn't enough for her.  Of course, now she has her own talk show (courtesy of Queen Oprah).  She's great friends with the news' most powerful woman (Katie Couric).  And she cook just about anything in 30 minutes!

What a woman.

Well, she also occasionally talks about some pretty cool products ... and that's where we come in.  Peruse this site for information on the products and services she has mentioned on her show.

Latest News and Information ...

Rachael Rays Big Orange Book Giveaway

We are excited to announce our first ever (of many to come) giveaway here on isRecommending.com.  

So what are we giving away?  How about

Grilling Season and Rachael

We are well into summer ... and the rain and storms are even finally starting to calm down a bit (thank goodness).

Check out Rachael's grilling tips as you fire up the grill!

Rachael Ray GiveAway

So Rachael Ray is giving away a free trip to NYC and her show.  Very little time left!

http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/club/givea ......

Acai and Mona Vie

Rachael Ray introduced the world to Mona Vie on her show back in 2008.  Mona Vie is a health drink that is distinctly different.  For one, it will cost you about $40 for a wine sized bottle, second it is designed to be as pure and full o ......

Most Popular Products ...

Green Tea

It seems like Green Tea has been the rage for decades now ... and in a way it has.  But recently it has really come on strong as a great way to lose weight, boost energy and detoxify the body.  Not a bad trio of side effects from a drink ......

Acai Berry

In some parts on the Interwebs Rachael Ray's name has become synonymous with Acai.  You know, she actually is known for a quite bit more than that though.

But apparently, that's the power of both names ... Acai and Rachael Ray.   ......